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Speedliner - The Quality Spray Liner

Speedliner - The Quality Spray Liner

Speedliner has an evitable track record by becoming the first company to introduce a versatile spray-on truck liner to thr UK and Ieland and it is continuing to be the most successful, longest established, low cost, non-franchise spray liner system available in the UK and Ireland
SPEEDLINER Euro HS®/ HC (hygene coat) is the first and only long life, inclusive ani-bacterial, ani-microbial spray liner coating available offering 21st century vehicle hygene control
Novus Glass Restoration

Novus Glass Restoration

Novus - The Glass Restoration Specialist

NOVUS™ has been a worldwide leader in glass restoration for more than 20 years.
The SRP™ Glass Restoration System quickly and easily restores many types of damaged glass and saves time,
money and hassle that accompanies glass replacement.
The SRP™ Finer and Polisher System is engineered to remove scratches from virtually any type of glass. The system uses a vacuum process to hold the machine onto the glass and provides a continuous flow of slurry through the system.
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